10 Cubic Yards – 12′ Long x 8′ Wide x 3′ Tall

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Residential buildings and properties oftentimes can build up a surprising amount of waste, no matter if you’re currently in the middle of a project or not. Our 10 yard dumpsters are designed to fit into smaller spaces yet still provide you with a large amount of space to dispose of your garbage. Every bin comes equipped with stepping posts located on the side and a latch on the back that opens the container. In addition, each dumpster has lower sides, which in combination with the rear latch, makes depositing waste into the bin hassle-free. The days of worrying about ripping your bags or finding awkward ways to get your waste in the bin are over!



There are a lot of different options that you can choose from when it comes to how you decide to use a 10 yard dumpster. Some of the most popular uses that we have noticed are:

Spring cleaning. Feel the need to declutter your home both inside and out? Now’s the time to get rid of all that extra stuff that you have saved up — no more time-consuming trips to the dump.

Small-to-mid-sized renovations. Sometimes a room or two needs a facelift, and there are a lot of moving parts when you’re redoing it. Need to get rid of a kitchen countertop or an old, broken chandelier? Here’s your chance!

Landscaping. Need to move a bunch of trees, dirt, and other earthy materials for your next big outdoor project? It’s never been easier, and now you can get back to focusing on your big goals.

The location of a dumpster is largely up to your discretion, especially if you are ordering it to be delivered to a property that you own or have permission to use. We recommend having the dumpster in a location that is close to where ongoing work is being done, or next to a frequently used door. You should also place the dumpster somewhere that will not have a problem bearing a large amount of weight, such as a driveway or a front/back lawn.

If you do not have direct access to the property or you have space concerns, placing the dumpster on the side of the street can be a viable alternative. Be sure to mark the dumpster appropriately with safety cones, and make sure that it is visible both ways from a good distance, thus reducing the chances of collision and accidents. For the exact dimensions of the dumpster, call us at 770-441-3037 where we can decide what option is best for you. We will handle the delivery, setup, and removal of all dumpsters. The only thing that you have to do is tell us where you would like it!

You’re allowed to dispose of the vast majority of items in our dumpsters. Some of these items best suited for a 10 yard dumpster include:


  • Tree Debris
  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Dirt
  • Household Junk
  • Clothes


These are just a few of the many possible items that you are allowed to throw into our dumpsters. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more detailed descriptions.

We allow the vast majority of basic household items to be disposed of in our dumpsters, but there are a few notable exceptions. These specific items and materials are generally not supported to be disposed of in most dumpsters, not just our own. These include:


  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Refrigeration Materials
  • Food Waste (may be OK upon request)


If you have any questions about particular items that you do not see listed here or you think could cause problems, feel free to give us a call at 770-441-3037 to ask us. As a general rule though, if an item is dangerous for you to dispose of, it will probably be too dangerous to go in the dumpster (excluding certain cases with prior approval).

Some items make transporting dumpsters more difficult than others. For those items, we ask that you only add a limited quantity so there won’t be any problems during pickup, transit, and dropoff. The current items with weight restrictions are:


  • Concrete – ½ load only
  • Dirt – ½ load only
  • Brick – ½ load only


If you have a large quantity of any of these materials that you need to get rid of, get in touch with our expertly trained staff today. We will work closely with you to figure out how we can help fulfill your Atlanta dumpster rental needs.




20 Cubic Yards – 16′ Long x 8′ Wide x 4.5′ Tall

main features

If you’re taking on a decent-sized project that produces a large amount of waste, this is the all-in-one dumpster perfect for you. Whether you’re planning on tackling a full-scale remodel, a complete property clean-up, or need a bunch of materials removed, we have you covered. Our 20 yard dumpsters are 16’ long, 8’ wide, and 4.5’ tall. You can easily fit over 100 garbage bags, which is roughly equivalent to 6 pickup truck loads!

All of our dumpsters come readily equipped with metal stepping posts on the side and a rear hatch to open the back of the bin. Low-cut sides are also present in this bin, making the disposal of materials that much easier. It shouldn’t be a struggle to load your waste — you already have enough to worry about!



20 yard dumpsters are extremely versatile and can be used in a plethora of different ways. Whether you’re a contractor, roofer, landscaper, or somewhere in between, these dumpsters are an excellent choice to help you finish your projects. Some of the more popular uses of these dumpsters are:

Roofing and shingle removal. It can be hard to estimate just how many shingles and various other components you will end up with after removing a roof. Typically, it’s more than you would expect, so having a dumpster that can accommodate that uncertainty is crucial.

Concrete and asphalt removal. Concrete and asphalt can take up a lot of space and can be quite heavy. Removing these two quickly and easily can alleviate a lot of stress and eliminate some headaches.

Junk removal. Junk can accumulate quickly and is notorious for taking up loads of space. Having a dumpster that can accommodate all kinds of junk, and a lot of it can make your life a whole lot easier. You never know what you may find when you’re cleaning out a property.

In most cases, it’s best to place these dumpsters either directly on the job site, or very close to it. We will work with you to determine the best locations on-site. Our goal is to avoid having the dumpster(s) block normal traffic flows and remain discrete. We’ll also help you establish which areas of land are the most suitable for the dumpster. Placing them on sturdy ground is essential to avoiding any problems when the time comes to remove the dumpsters.

You can also place a dumpster on the street, providing that it is properly marked with signage and a perimeter is made using traffic cones. There should be good visibility from both directions to reduce the risk of accidents occurring. If you have questions about the exact measurements of our 20 yard dumpsters, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do everything in our power to accommodate your requests.

Almost everything! Here’s a list of some of the most popular things we typically see our 20 yard dumpsters used for:


  • Furniture & Appliances
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Renovation Debris
  • Yard Waste
  • Asphalt


What’s listed here is only a tiny fraction of what you can dispose of in our dumpsters. There are many more different options and possibilities for you to explore. If you have any specific questions, call us at 770-441-3037 for guidance and assistance.

We try our best to keep the number of restricted items and materials low, but there are some items that we unfortunately still can’t accept. These items include:


  • Any hazardous materials
  • Tires
  • Materials used for Refrigeration
  • Any form of batteries
  • Food Garbage (Can be approved upon special request)


If you would like a further explanation on why we don’t accept these items or would like clarification on specifics, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Weight Restrictions

There are a few items and materials that we only allow limited quantities of in our dumpsters so that we can reasonably transport and dispose of them. The following list contains what items are restricted, and the quantity allowed:


  • Dirt – Half of the Container
  • Concrete – Half of the container
  • Brick – Half of the container


These measurements don’t have to be exact, but we kindly ask that you stick to these guidelines as a general rule. If your needs require you to dispose of a substantial amount of these materials, we encourage you to talk with one of our experienced Arrow Waste staff members at 770-441-3037, so we can make special arrangements for your dumpster rental in Atlanta.




30 Cubic Yards – 22′ Long x 8′ Wide x 5′ Tall

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Our biggest dumpsters are designed for those who are taking on the biggest projects and have an enormous amount of waste to dispose of. Whether you’re doing a multi-unit renovation, a new construction project, or smaller-to-medium scale demolitions, this dumpster can handle what you throw at it. All of our 30 yard dumpsters come equipped with built-in quality of life features to make your waste disposal process as smooth as possible.



Heavy-duty commercial or professional projects are usually best for the 30 yard dumpster. Some of the most frequently used scenarios are:

Complete home remodels. Sometimes remodeling one or two rooms doesn’t cut it, you need to go big. Tearing apart the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms can leave you with a large heap of waste. Having a way to dispose of all that waste will allow you to get going on incorporating all of your new stuff!

Commercial and residential construction sites. You inevitably end up with waste both during and after completing extensive construction projects. Oftentimes you will end up with much more than anticipated, which can cause problems if not properly addressed. This waste needs to be removed so people can more easily access the job site and get your project back on track.

Large-scale junk removal. This is particularly useful for commercial businesses and properties that generate a lot of excess waste. You can easily get rid of electronics, furniture, appliances, and much more in one simple step.

For our 30 yard dumpsters, we encourage you to place them directly where your project is being worked on. These often can be too big for a standard street, so placing them out of the way is recommended. You will need to find a stable ground that can support a significant amount of weight as well, and preferably on a surface that doesn’t damage easily, such as concrete or dirt.

Our trained staff members will gladly assist you either on-site, over the phone, or by email, to help you determine which locations will be best for your dumpster(s). Call us at 770-441-3037 or contact us online to speak with one of our skilled team members.

Pretty much everything! Our 30 yard dumpsters are specially designed and constructed to reliably carry almost any kind of standard waste or debris that you can think of. Here are several of the most frequent types of scenarios in which waste is accumulated in these dumpsters:


  • Demolition debris
  • Heavy-duty appliances and furniture
  • Large scrap pieces and machinery
  • Complete property cleanouts
  • New construction projects


30 yard dumpsters are also great for disposing of mass quantities of smaller items, not just what has been listed here. Keep in mind that weight can add up quickly, especially in larger dumpsters when you may lose track of how much waste you have thrown in.

Select items and materials can cause problems for you and our personnel alike. We strive to keep this list as small as possible, but sadly there are still some things we are unable to accept. These include:


  • Food Waste (Acceptable depending on prior arrangement, however)
  • All batteries
  • Any type of tires
  • Refrigeration materials
  • Any other hazardous materials


Have any questions? We are glad to discuss any questions or concerns in detail. Our crew of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals is ready to assist you. Complete our contact form or call us at 770-441-3037 to get started.

We don’t recommend filling 30 yard dumpsters with heavy materials as they can become significantly harder to move. For this reason, we suggest you avoid filling them with dirt, concrete, and brick, unlike our 10 and 20 yard dumpsters. Big and bulky items are best to be placed in these containers.

We understand that this may be inconvenient for you, and we apologize that we must have these special restrictions for this type of dumpster. If you would like to discuss the restrictions further, or if you have any additional questions about renting a dumpster in Atlanta, feel free to call us at 770-441-3037 where one of our staff members can assist you.

Equipment tailored to your needs. We offer stationary compactors for large volumes of dry trash or cardboard. Self-contained compactor solutions are also available if you produce wet waste that needs to retain liquids and help eliminate inset and rodent problems.
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Office buildings
  • Malls
  • Apartment complexes
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels




Stationary Trash or Cardboard Compactors

main features

Equipment tailored to your needs. We offer stationary compactors for large volumes of dry trash or cardboard. Self-contained compactor solutions are also available if you produce wet waste that needs to retain liquids and help eliminate inset and rodent problems.